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Alpha Protocol - Sequel Hints

by Dhruin, 2010-01-04 20:20:40

While we don't even have a firm release date for the delayed Alpha Protocol yet, various sites are suggesting a sequel has been confirmed.  I'd suggest "confirmation" is too strong but some quotes from Sega's Constantin Hantzopoulos on a 1Up podcast certainly point that way.  A site called TheSixthAxis seems to be the source of the story, having picked up the comments from the mentioned 1Up podcast.  Quotes from Constantin:

I’ve got some folks playing it [ed: Alpha Protocol] right now internally, and, you know, basically coming up with some concepts for, eventually, AP2.

It’s the old slap on the head, looking back, and saying ‘What were we thinking?’ but sometimes you just go ‘We’ll shelve it for AP2.’

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