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Good Old Games - Might and Magic Contest

by Skavenhorde, 2010-01-11 15:44:14

GoG is having a contest to see how much you know about Might & Magic 6. They took three screenshots: one, two, three. You have to tell them where these locations are in MM6. If you're right your name will go into a drawing. They will draw 9 free GoG game coupons, 3 for each image. The contest ends January 14. Here are the details of the contest:

Time to test your perceptiveness and knowledge of one of the greatest RPG series - Might and Magic.

Some time ago we've ran a similar contest concerning Gothic. You've asked for more of those challenges, so here it is. We've took three screenshots from Might and Magic 6: one, two, three. Your goal is to tell us the names of the locations we've captured. Send us your answers to users-at-gog.com until Thursday, January 14 at 11:59 EDT. If you know the answer for only one image, send it as well - we'll draw 9 free GOG game coupons, 3 for each image. So the more locations you'll guess right, the bigger chances to win a game or even 3 games! Only one entry per user is allowed.

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