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Interplay - Stonekeep for the Wii

by Dhruin, 2010-01-12 21:43:20

Here's an odd one.  Interplay has announced a partnership with Alpine Studios to develop a Stonekeep game for the Wii, according to Blend.  Here's a snip:

Interplay announced today that they're reviving one of the games from their heyday. They're partnering with Alpine Studios to create a Wii game
based on the role-playing game Stonekeep.

Stonekeep is a first-person dungeon crawler that was originally released for the PC in 1995. A hero named Drake journeys into a forgotten castle to defeat an insane god. The press release mentions that Interplay and Alpine's project is a "new game" but doesn't go into details. It's not clear whether it's just a remake of the original Stonekeep or an all-new adventure inspired by it.

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