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Torchlight - Editor Update

by Skavenhorde, 2010-01-13 13:49:26

DIYGamer reports that there is a new update for the Torchlight Editor. You can grab the download from Runic Games Forum. Here is a list of the changes:

build (01/11/10)

Patch Notes:
-Fixed unit skill panel always setting skill levels to 1 if they were 0
-Fixed base file and resource dirs not being properly made relative when modding in the unit editors
-Fixed the icon selector when modding
-Fixed [AFFIXES] blocks not appearing on skill level blocks in the skills editor (oops..broke that in the last patch)
-Skill and Quest editors are now sortable by skill/quest name.
-Fixed crash when editing stat watchers on units
-Fixed deleted monsters becoming visible again.
-Animation editor now hows a check list filter for limiting which types of animation keys are displayed.
-Fixed monsters' equipment not being displayed on monster objects in the editor
-Layouts are now auto-backed up at a default interval of every 10 minutes and just before switching to in-game mode.
These get saved to %appdata%\runic games\torchlight\torched
-You can now load the current backup for a scene though the File->Load Backup menu option
-Fixed sound bank file references not being mod friendy
-Added "Collision Radius" control to monster, player, and prop editors
-Added "Collision Mesh" control to monster, player, and prop editors
-Item editor Affix control now lists affixes in mods when modifying the list of affixes

[The following still requires a new game build to work in the actual game but are in the editor]
-Passive skills now pay attention to the skill equipment requirements
-PERCENT BLIND effect added.


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