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Two Worlds II - Preview @ BrutalGamer

by Magerette, 2010-01-19 17:10:34

BrutalGamer posts a hands-on preview and some screenshots from Topware Interactive's upcoming sequel, Two Worlds II, having played a little of both the PC and XBox360 versions. It's a very positive article all told. Here's a snip on combat:

Over the whole preview event both played and shown, easily the most notable (and honestly, best) feature about Two Worlds II was the improvements – seemingly completely remade-[to the] combat system within the game.  Instead of pretty much 1 animation of a sword swing being repeated hundreds of times, it has a whole new combat system where attacks are turned into combinations and will vary depending on the weapon you’re using, guaranteed to be something different each time. And with the incredibly nifty armour set shortcut keys and the massive amount of variation which is available with the 200 weapons and god-only knows how many armour pieces, there is another variation for anyone who is into the whole ‘decking your character out’.

Source: Blues News

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