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Grim Dawn - Website, Fan-funding

by Dhruin, 2010-01-20 06:06:11

Remember Crate Entertainment, the ex-Iron Lore devs working on Grim Dawn using the Titan Quest engine?  They've had a website up for a couple of weeks that we've only recently noticed (thanks yerkyerk on our forums) and they're also trying fan-funding.  There are three tiers - $19.85, $32 and $48 - for donations that will help keep them independent and also get you a copy of the game once released.  A snip:

We have received many emails from enthusiastic fans asking if they could donate money to Crate Entertainment and Grim Dawn. After the success our friends at Unknown Worlds have had with pre-orders of their upcoming “Natural Selection 2” (Gamasutra article: Pre-Sales Completely Changed Our Financial Picture), we've decided to follow their lead.

We hope that with your donations, Crate will be able to keep Grim Dawn privately funded, develop more content for the initial release and perhaps even sneak in some of the new features most requested by our fans.

The greatest impact of pre-ordering now is that it will help save us, the developers, from having to give up the intellectual property rights to Grim Dawn in exchange for additional funding. This is not only important for us as a company but it has benefits for you, our audience, as well. It means that Crate will be able to continue interacting openly with the community and freely sharing information. Post-release we will be able to decide when to work on updates for the community and what to include in them. Most importantly, you will be giving us control over the future of our creation; allowing Crate to produce expansions and sequels without having to pitch each new project to an IP-holder that could potentially decide to discontinue the Grim Dawn franchise.

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