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RPGWatch - New Poll

by Dhruin, 2010-01-20 23:02:02

It's way past time for a new poll.

Just before we close out the Combat, Death and Reloading poll, it's interesting to note nearly 60% of respondents reload regularly (or even habitually) to optimise the result.  I'd suggest this is at odds with the vast majority that prefer traditional death-and-reload systems (according to a past poll) because of the consequences.

Anyway, as a bit of fun while we wait for the Game of the Year results, let's do a Most Disappointing Game of 2009 poll (thanks Joxer). For consistency, I've based this on the GotY choices but I'm limited to 10 options by the forum software, so a couple of outliers had to go.

Usual disclaimers apply: the choices are RPG-ish games we cover with at least one English first release in 2009.  Hit the poll thread from the link on the upper right.

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