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RPGWatch Feature - Torchlight Review

by Dhruin, 2010-01-20 23:16:42

We look at Runic's popular hack'n'slasher, Torchlight. With a team full of industry vets, does the game deliver enough?  Txa1265 tackles the main article with additional comments from woges.  Here's a sample:

Reading your class choices might seem disappointing to some - "what ... only three?" - but that belies the depth of character development available through the skill trees. The mage, for example, can be fully developed as a 'pure mage', a summoner, or as a battle mage. As a pure mage, you will be dishing out damage from a distance, keeping yourself protected, and likely using a staff that also provides ranged elemental damage. The summoner will unleash creatures to go forth and take out enemies while your character uses spells or weapons to mop up the remaining foes. A battle mage is capable of both spells or heavily-enhanced melee damage, and is great for those looking to get a taste for both a warrior and mage class simultaneously ... but also somewhat lacking in both of those specialties.

Read it all here.

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