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Two Worlds II - Preview @ IGN

by Dhruin, 2010-01-21 19:42:44

IGN UK has a preview of Two Worlds II, penned by Alec Meer.  Here's a bit on improving the script:

"We wanted to add a more North American feel to it", explains Cromie. Unlike the first, this isn't being cursed/blessed with an in-house translation by Polish developers Reality Pump, but instead it's being co-written by developers at the US-based publisher Topware. Out goes the crazed cod-Shakespearean dialogue, in come modern cuss-words and a slew of detailed, enthusiastic and native-English in-game journals to consolidate and bulk up Two Worlds' patchy lore. Nonetheless, it picks up TW1's plot, the main points of which involve an evil god enslaving the land of Antaloor and maintaining sinister control of the player character's impractically-dressed sister. In keeping with recent RPG trend - see The Witcher and Dragon Age – Two Worlds II is subverting fantasy fiction stereotypes a little. Most notably, early in the game you find yourself allied with some orcs - traditionally (and in the TW1) the mortal enemies of swords'n'spells-based humankind. The reason for this erosion of fictional racism is a key plot point later in the game. As is the icky origin of the freaky Oculus, a floating eyeball you can use as either spy-camera or remote-controlled magic missile, which eventually becomes a big part of your fighting style.

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