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Interplay - The Fallout Extreme Story

by Dhruin, 2010-01-27 19:52:09

Ausir writes in with some information on a long-canceled Interplay development that never quite got off the ground, called Fallout Extreme.  The article has some introductory details and then more on the story:

You probably don't know what Fallout Extreme was. Don't worry - even most of the ex-Black Isle developers I asked about it didn't even know that this game existed (which can tell you a lot about the lack of cooperation between Interplay's divisions at that time).

Fallout Extreme was a canceled squad-based first- and third-person tactical game for the Xbox, using the Unreal Engine and developed by Interplay's 14 Degrees East division (co-developers of Fallout Tactics). It was in development for a several months in 2000, but didn't really have a concrete development team and never made it out of concept. After it was canceled, Interplay's next attempt at making a console version of Fallout was Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, this time for both the Xbox and PS2.

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