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Din's Curse - Monster Profiles, Interview

by Dhruin, 2010-01-28 19:52:47

Soldak has kicked up profiles for the Creeping Brood, Shadow and Naga from Din's Curse.

There's also an interview over at Werit's blog, focused on the development side:

Werit:  How many Soldak people work on the game?  Do you contract out any parts of the game or is it all done in house? 

Steven:  I’m the only fulltime Soldak employee and I do all of the programming and design. I should mention that a ton of great ideas comes from the rest of the team and from our gamers though. My wife (Delilah) is involved quite a bit doing the writing and lots of play testing. The rest of our team are contractors who handle the sound, music, and art. In house or contractors though, I couldn’t make our games without them.

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