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King Arthur - Review @ PopMatters

by Magerette, 2010-01-30 13:41:49

PopMatters posts a review for Neocore's hyrbrid wargame/rpg, King Arthur, with an overall positive tone and a score of 8/10:

A game with with a title like that is bound to have some identity issues, or at least a clutter of features and ideas. King Arthur doesn’t disappoint in this area: it really is a role playing game, a wargame, and a game about King Arthur. While all of that sounds rather interesting (Arthurian legend being rather fresh territory for any video game, and most strategy games needing as much role playing as they can get), the game actually combines them in interesting and fun ways. This isn’t a laborious Frankenstein’s monster with each gameplay element carefully and tiredly regurgitated. It’s its own brand of game, and it’s never less than inventive.


King Arthur is an impressive accomplishment on almost all fronts. It melds wonderful retro text quests and skill-based challenges with some great leveling and item-collecting mechanics, and it really oozes atmosphere from its sometimes soft rock pseudo Celtic score to its lush landscapes. However, every time that you try to immerse yourself in the game, it pulls you out by killing you or hamstringing your campaign for reasons you couldn’t possibly have anticipated. Patches may help, but even then, the game needs a major overhaul from a readability and comprehensibility standpoint. It’s fun, beautiful, and clever, but it’s difficult to enjoy unless you really work at it. If you can stomach its shortcomings (and school yourself in its ways as quickly as possible), King Arthur is a unique and rewarding game.

Source: GameBanshee

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