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DA: The Awakening - The Children Trailer

by Dhruin, 2010-02-04 19:37:01

Here's a new DA: Awakening trailer, titled The Children.  Here's Chris Priestly's description from the forums:


When the Blight pushed the darkspawn to the surface, human expeditions were able to venture deep underground for the first time in centuries, meeting very little resistance apart from stragglers. Then people started disappearing. Men would make camp and wake to find one of their number missing. Scouts left on missions, never to return. Search parties found no trace of the lost men, not even their bones. Some saw movements in the darkness, a shifting of shadows that torchlight would reveal as nothing. When a single warrior survived from one squad, he spoke of nothing comprehensible except grinning worm monsters that devoured his companions. The expeditions made haste back to the city.

Check out the new Children video over on here:

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