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Deus Ex 3 - Feature Summary

by Dhruin, 2010-02-11 20:04:27

Badesumofu writes in with this GameSpy summary of known info for Deus Ex 3.  Much of it is based on a forum post from a moderator on the Eidos boards back in December, so I'm not sure of the reliability.  Fingered crossed:

--Non-linear, multi-path, multi-solution gameplay.
--Different ways to solve any objective depending on your play style (social, hacking, stealth or action).
--Character and weapon customization.
--Action/RPG just like the first game.
--Choices and consequences.
--A semi-open world approach to levels and missions.
--An inventory system similar to DX1.
--It's not a sandbox. It's not totally linear. It's like the best of both of those approaches.
--Random explorable elements with earned experience points.
--Global travel.

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