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RPG Codex - 2009 In Review

by Dhruin, 2010-02-18 21:45:27

RPG Codex has posted their annual acerbic look at the past year.  It's divided into "stuff that didn't happen" and, obviously, stuff that did:

Dragon Age: Origins, what is promised to be the first of many games in the Dragon Age series, was released by BioWare on the 3rd November 2009. Dragon Age was very much the only "A grade" title released in 2009 (fuck you Risen et al). That of course guaranteed it the "RPG of the Year" accolade from every website that even bothers to mention RPGs these days (with a mandatory "RPG of the decade" because gosh, why stop at just RPG of the year when you can give one for like, 10 whole years because it's shiney and new).

The process of selecting the title for RPG of the year goes something like this:

  1. Were any RPGs actually released this year?
  2. Were any of them released in English?
  3. Give the English one the award.

And give the award they did. In all seriousness, I'm sure Dragon Age is good, as surprisingly, BioWare actually put a reasonable amount of effort into Dragon Age. Namely in that all the choices are not bleedingly obvious. At least according to some. Not so much according to others.

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