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Cyclopean - Can, Can't

by Woges, 2010-02-23 16:39:13

Scott updates on some game mechanics in Cyclopean. Unenterable Locations, Crime, Mythos Abilities, Killing Sprees, Killing Children, are all detailed.

Just as in the modern day, there are certain people whom the police are more interested in protecting than others.  You can kill hobos, raving cultists and other ne'erdowells as you like, but you can only get away with killing so many law abiding citizens.  It is usually presumed in RPGs that if there no witnesses to a crime in the play area, no one will know a crime has been committed  (except God, who keeps a careful meter of your karma, which is then broadcast to everyone in sight. Unfortunately, other folks' meters are invisible to you).  However, Cyclopean takes place in the age of ballistics and fingerprinting.  So if you shoot someone and later on are arrested for whatever reason with the same weapon, that's the end of the game.  If you very stealthily murder four or five citizens in one town, eventually there is going to be a witness.  An insomniac neighbour saw you enter the building at 3:00am, you didn't see her.  What do you know!  You're new in town and don't have an alibi for the other four murders.  Game over.

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