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Two Worlds II - Preview Roundup

by Dhruin, 2010-02-24 09:48:17

Here are three new Two Worlds II previews - all on the X360.  First, OXM Online:

“Laughable.” “Frustrating.” “Hokey.” The creators of action-RPG Two Worlds have heard it all, and then some.

“We realize we made mistakes with the first game,” admits Bert Jennings, producer at TopWare Interactive. And we’d agree: While it earned a cult following, Two Worlds had plenty of issues, ranging from an unbearable framerate to dreadful dialogue, from maddeningly difficult gameplay to an overall density that turned away casual gamers.

Apparently, the production oversight is from Topware in NA this time.  From Nowgamer:

Crucially, whereas the first game was developed in Poland and produced in Germany, Seaman has kept production in North America, keeping a tight control over the quality of the coding work carried out over in Eastern Europe. As well as overseeing the company, Seaman is taking no chances, taking on the executive producer role as well as being a lead writer. The other writing lead is Devin Smith, who possesses writing credits on Dead Space.

Finally, VideoGamer:

The second thing that jumps out at us is that most essential, but often overlooked, component of the RPG: words. One of the worst things about Two Worlds - and there were many - was the dialogue. "Verily", "forsooth" - words consigned to the vocabulary dustbin hundreds of years ago resurrected for use in a video game. It didn't work. It was embarrassing.

"We realised what happened in the first game and where we needed to go," James admits. "We were happy with the graphics being done on the Grace engine, but could never go down that road again where people in Poland were trying to write a worldwide game in English." Thankfully, what that means for players is, Two Worlds II makes sense.

Thanks to Inside Two Worlds for all three of these.

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