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Spiderweb Games - New Game Interview

by Dhruin, 2010-02-24 19:53:37

A site called The Gamer Studio has an interview with Jeff Vogel that includes the first real details on his new series that I've seen:

What was the inspiration behind it?

Believe it or not, a Hungarian opera called Bluebeard's Castle.

Is it pure fantasy like Avernum, or does it include sci-fi elements like Geneforge; or perhaps something quasi-historical like Nethergate?

It'll be pretty straight fantasy, but with a very detailed world. There's a lot of history and cool stuff to discover.

What elements have you transfered over from your other games?

It will be a party-based role-playing game with turn-based combat, like we have always done. However, we have completely streamlined the game system in some ways and made it more elaborate in others, like the tactical combat. The basic genre is the same, but everything else is being redesigned.

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