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DA: The Awakening - Preview @ IGN

by Woges, 2010-02-27 13:46:50

IGN play through the first few hours of The Awakening so obviously a few spoilers here.

Dragon Age is an amazing game that has laid claim to an embarrassingly large amount of my time over the past few months. From puzzling out the ethical problems posed by Zarthian's questionable motivations to cursing and screaming through repeated battles against the Broodmother, the game has continued to captivate me since it was first released last year. Thanks to the upcoming Awakening expansion, there's a chance to continue the story past its conclusion to see what happens in the wake of the Grey Warden's final moments in the original game. I've been playing through the PC version of the expansion over the last week or so and, rather than do a straight feature-focused preview, I thought I'd just give you a big picture view of the first few hours of the game.

It goes without saying, of course, that some of the information that follows spoils the first game. That's assuming of course, that you consider the player's potential to actually do something positive about the Blight as a spoiler. With that said, you won't find any details here that spoil the Awakening story beyond the basic introductory information. We're even holding back on a few specific details for the sake of those who don't want to know absolutely everything about the opening hours of the game.

Now that's out of the way, so let's get on with it.

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