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Din's Curse - Beta Patch 0.906

by Aries100, 2010-02-27 19:00:14

Soldak Entertainment has updated their beta patch to version 09.06, for Din's Curse, their action RPG, which is to be released later this year. Here's the patch notes:

• fixed not getting highlight difficulty options right after winning or losing a town (Cadfan/Ephemera/wunar)
• fixed paladin mana bonus per spirit
• fixed changeling fake names (Rockstronaut)
• increased MaxItemGenerationTries from 10 to 75 on ring vendor (wunar)
• added altars, healthstones, and lifestones to low health help topic
• should now always see your damage even if really far away (viper34j)
• fixed horror ice storm
• decreased serrated arrow damage mult from 0.4 to 0.15
• decreased dark elf priest bolt damage mult from 2.0 to 1.5 since it's magic damage (Spect)
• made stalker a little less powerful, but no longer has a reuse timer (Lyranaar)
• made kodiak more powerful
• NPCs can no longer find lost items in the dungeon (TheRani)
• added some text to escort quests about not being able to follow you through gates (TheRani)
• fixed shading out other menu buttons on quest screen
• now quests check to see if have or can at least spawn return to npc (Kruztee/getter77/Nemhir)
• monsters that can give quests can no longer be uniques (Gutsman)
• made walls fade out a little more (spelk)
• improved ! in smaller fonts a little bit
• escort quests don't need to escort quite as far any more
• the game no longer changes the gamma if set to 1.0 and hasn't been changed already (Ikarius)
• now check better that boss quest is valid (Cadfan)
• fixed some targeting issues when have an object selected
• now get vendor has left town messages (getter77)
• fixed punctuation on a lot of quest announcements (FloodSpectre)
• mana regen effect is now blue (Archon)
• now lifestone/altars have mana and health regen effects
• fixed shrink trap getting rid of flame blade (Cadfan)
• changed Din's Altar status effect text to Din's Blessing (Valgor)
• chaos lord summons are now faster (Warlock)
• no longer let monster level offset be too high for difficulty level (Cadfan)
• changed protocol version to 3
• now many of the quests will change to obsolete instead of outright fail (viper34j)
• only lose half reputation loss if obsolete quest as opposed to failing a quest
• now get xp when fires you started kill things (Aganazer/vomitousinsight/Cadfan)
• now mouse wheel works on scroll bars (Aganazer)
• decreased cave in health mult from 4.0 to 2.0
• decreased dimensional gate spawn rate from 1.5 to 0.75
• improved collision on armor stands, weapon stands, and lockers in town (Cadfan)
• no longer show health bars on open doors (Cadfan)
• fixed a timing issue when attacking with mouse buttons and with keys at same time (Aganazer)
• added some variation in cower timing
• enrage now distracts and disrupts skills/spells (getter77)
• no longer need an enemy to use enrage
• increased shield bash damage (Nemhir)
• enrage now interrupts spells also
• made wampir targeting a little easier (Rockstronaut)
• npcs will no longer finish build quests (Gutsman/L337GTIMKV)
• now can pickup other peoples soul stones if they leave the game (viper34j)
• fixed 2 gather quests breaking one another (FloodSpectre)
• fixed an issue picking up stacks of items (Lyranaar)
• decreased health mult of food from 0.6 to 0.55 (also makes cheaper)
• now cold, fire, lightning, and poison magic modifiers are more common
• increased durabilty damage from doors, chests, cave-ins, and acid
• increased HealthRegenPerVit from 0.8 to 1.2
• monsters/npcs no longer use dps for their damage numbers
• fixed lots of caster damages that were higher than they were supposed to be
• decreased shatter explosion radius from 200.0 to 150.0
• increased health magic modifier from 1.0/0.4 to 4.0/1.0 (L337GTIMKV)
• decreased attribute magic modifiers from 0.35 to 0.2 per level
• fixed Rawhide Shoulders capitalization (FloodSpectre)
• female pain sounds now have less pitch range (TheRani/incognoscente)
• fixed minimap when zooming in and out (incognoscente)
• fixed mouse not working after escaping a screen with a drop down box open (incognoscente)
• drop down boxes now close if you click somewhere else
• if something that has grabbed the mouse doesn't handle a click now other things can
• Dark Elf poison stab now does poison damage
• now cure poison works on wampir and dark elf poison also (timeh)
• increased cure poison heal from 2.0 to 3.0 per level (timeh)
• changed wampir damage from 1.5/0.25 to 0.35/0.35 so that cure poison numbers match up a bit better
• now remove thief correctly when the thief leaves town (viper34j)
• now thief quest works better if higher level than character
• decreased starting monsters in an invasion from 9-12 to 2-4
• fixed a crash with new targeting stuff
• players and monsters can no longer raise things they can't see (L337GTIMKV)
• decreased berserk defense penalty from -0.2 to -0.1 per level (L337GTIMKV)
• increased obelisk buff time from 20.0 to 60.0 (L337GTIMKV)
• increased rupture damage/deepwounds per level numbers from 0.1/0.2 to 0.15/0.25 (FloodSpectre)
• balanced Bloodtooth a bit better, thorns & regen on a scavenger is pretty nasty (Aganazer)
• added a defense debuff to enrage
• increased enrage reusetime from 10.0 to 15.0
• reworded Sleight of Hand description (cthonic)
• increased door health from 5-10 to 8-16 per level
• increased chest health from 6-12 to 9-18 per level
• now treasure hunter skill has items chance and magic chance bonus (cthonic)
• added critical hit chance to true aim buff (cthonic)
• fixed divine intervention description (cthonic)
• increased divine intervention mana/heal boosts to 75 per level (cthonic)
• increased summoned fire elemental damage bonuses
• decreased cooking MaxSkillLevel from 10 to 9
• sprint no longer costs mana
• increased sprint initial bonus from 0.1 to 0.2
• sprint now gives you some stamina regen
• dark ritual now costs more mana but lasts longer (cthonic)
• added movement and damage bonuses to lich skill (cthonic)
• gaseous form no longer uses mana and give stamina (cthonic)
• increased infused energy mana from 10 to 40 (Gutsman)
• now weapons & armor gets damage/armor boosts at each rarity level (viper34j/cthonic 

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