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DA: The Awakening - Live Demo Next Friday

by Dhruin, 2010-02-27 20:53:31

BioWare is spruiking a live demo at Xfire next Friday, featuring Ferrett Baudoin:

Join us at 5 PM PST, on Friday, March 5th for a live broadcast of Lead Designer Ferret Baudoin playing Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening over the Xfire network. This demo will offer unique insight into the level design and of course show off some of the new features found in the expansion. Following the live gameplay demo, there will be an interactive chat session where your questions about Awakening will be answered. We will also be giving away 10 PC copies of Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening and 10 copies of the Dragon Age novel The Stolen Throne signed by author David Gaider. So head over to the Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening live broadcast page, create a bookmark, and set an alarm for 5 PM PST. You don't want to miss it!

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