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Borderlands - 'General Knoxx Review Round-Up

by Woges, 2010-02-28 23:14:09

Latest DLC The Secret Armoury of General Knoxx is reviewed, and very well recieved, at Gamespot.

If you survive enemy encounters, then you're rewarded with loot aplenty. The quality of the weapons, shields, and mods continues to increase as your level increases (the new cap is 61), and there is even a robust new type of chest for your looting pleasure. The ratio of quality goods to vending-machine fodder remains about the same, but the new heights of quality (and elusive super-rare designation) are sure to rekindle your desire to search every last chest and cardboard box. Rekindling is what The Secret Armory of General Knoxx does best as it embraces all the elements that make Borderlands so fun and addictive. And, it will likely keep you going for at least 10 hours. Whether you've just unlocked The Vault or maxed out twice over, The Secret Armory is an excellent reason to journey back to Pandora.

Eurogamer have also reviewed the DLC and it has received 9/10 there as well.

It's working pretty well for Gearbox, too. Dr Ned and Moxxi's Underdome may have been about busting Borderlands out into strange new splinters, but Knoxx sees the team returning to the core experience and quietly tinkering. There's more polish - NPCs have lip-syncing, cut-scenes are a little more elaborate - but there's also a sense that you're seeing the future of the franchise take shape, and that makes for a dazzling combination.

The truth is, when it comes to DLC, nobody is doing this stuff as well as Gearbox's team at the moment [apart from Capcom, perhaps - Ed.]. And they just keep getting better at it all the time.

Destructoid are next up on the GK review list again scores highly.

As in the original game, most of the missions in “General Knoxx” are of the go-here-fetch-this variety, but Gearbox seem to have learned a little bit during the past six months of DLC development. Instead of sending you over previously-covered ground, I found that most of the missions in “General Knoxx” sent me to new areas of the map to encounter new types of enemies.

For what it’s worth, these “new” types of enemies are mostly just re-skins of older Pandoran denizens. Nevertheless, there’s a similar sense that Gearbox has been refining the formula: AI seems little quicker on the uptake and less stupidly aggressive. In that same vein: you’ll still be exploring bandit encampments, but they’re more architecturally interesting and varied. There’s a renewed focus on cover – no doubt a continuation of “Mad Moxxi”’s level design -- that makes combat feel more natural and organic as ever.

Well, as natural as shooting shotgun shells full of elecricity at people can feel.

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