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Grotesque Tactics - German Release, English Date

by Dhruin, 2010-03-03 06:57:39

It looks like Silent Dreams has released Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes in German, and the English version is dated for April.

This thread has the full details (scroll down) - apparently the game was released on February 22nd without enough fanfare to reach our ears.  The game is 20 Euro and there is a (German) demo available.  As an interesting side detail, apparently Grotesque Tactics was programmed by Carsten Edenfeld, a former lead from Piranha Bytes on the Gothic series.  There's also a v. patch available.

If you've forgotten the details, Grotesque Tactics is a humorous, turn-based strat-RPG - here's a new trailer.  The project has started to help fund further development on their more ambitious RPG project.

For English readers, this thread says they should have the localisation done for April, as mentioned.

Thanks, Omega!

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