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Din's Curse - Previews @ AVault, DIYGamer

by Dhruin, 2010-03-03 07:03:28

Omega writes in with a couple of short previews we haven't seen before for Din's Curse.  Here's a snip from the Adrenaline Vault:

In Din’s Curse you arrive in a town with an entrance to a randomly generated dungeon. You must do various quests to gain reputation for your good deeds. If you fail to complete missions in a certain time, they might come back to haunt you. For instance, if you are given a mission to kill a boss and if you don’t finish it fast enough, he will continue to send minions to destroy the town. If all the people in town are dead, then you lose. You must finish all the quests in each town that you visit. Once you get to higher levels, more challenging options such as hardcore and cursed mode become available. In hardcore mode, if your character dies, he or she stays dead forever; no more respawns. In cursed mode, you can only use cursed items that negatively affect one of your stats.

...and DIYGamer from a week or so back:

Of course, character customization aside, the game does offer some unique traits behind it. For one, it would appear that every character I make starts out in a new town, with a different dungeon, and different monsters inhabiting that dungeon. While some tings remain the same, it’s interesting to see that you won’t be playing the same game everytime you wish to start a new game. Likewise, even the quests are different. I suppose the only downside to this would be the fact that the quests are randomized and, as such, you won’t be playing any hugely long epic quests like you otherwise would’ve in Diablo or Titan’s Quest.

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