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Nightwatch Interview @ Gaming Nexus

by Kalia, 2006-06-02 21:35:00
Gaming Nexus has posted an interview with Dmitri a SZaka ? Zakharov, Head of the PC Development Department in Nival Interactive. Here's a snippet: <blockquote><em><b>GamingNexus: Will the game follow the plot of the movie or will it just occur in the same world as the movie? Will you be running into the characters from the movie? </b><br><br>Dmitri Zakharov: The game features its own story and it overlaps with components of the film. One of the features of the Night Watch game is the new and exciting story that allows players to interact with the characters that they know from the film. We felt that if we made a game based on the story shown in the movie, it not be that interesting and especially not surprising as everything is already known in advance. So we created our own story in cooperation with Sergey Lukyanenko, author of the book and creator of the Watches universe. The game delves into the the Night Watch universe where you will meet Gesser, the head of Night Watch, Olga, his lover and a powerful Light mage, Tigra who will be joining your team for certain missions, Zavulon, the head of Day Watch, and the evil Alice, one of the witches of Day Watch and Zavulona "!s lover. You will also meet new characters, one of them, Stas, will be the Main hero of the game. </em></blockquote>Read it <a href="http://www.gamingnexus.com/Default.aspx?ArticleType=Article&Section=Article&I=1074" target="_blank">here</a>.
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