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A Farewell to Dragons - Review @ gameSlave

by Dhruin, 2010-03-04 20:00:46

gameSlave has a new review for A Farewell to Dragons that carries the pretty ordinary score of 5/10.  There's not a huge amount of detail beyond the graphics and bad VO but here's a snip:

The game is pretty much a rip off of every point n' click RPG which has come before it. You have to assemble your team of witty outcasts and move from place to place, looting, killing and pillaging as you go.

While there is an aspect of morality it's pretty underplayed, with most of your decisions having little or no effect on the outcome of your journey. There is the occasional decision which can come back to haunt/help you - leave the bandit alive and he might come to your rescue later, for example - but for the most part it's just killing your way one location after another.

Source: Blues News

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