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DA: The Awakening - The Disciples

by Dhruin, 2010-03-04 20:03:43

There's a Creature update from BioWare for Awakening:

We have a new update on the Dragon Age: Origins Awakening creatures page - The Disciples.

Players think of the darkspawn as mindless fighters or footsoldiers of the darkspawn, and until Awakening this was mostly true. However now you must face a new threat. Intelligent, talking darkspawn with powers and abilities that can rival even the strongest of Grey Wardens. Where do these talking darkspawn come from and what new allies are they bringing with them into battle?

Check out new screenshots and video of the Disciples on the Dragon Age: Origins Awakening creatures page here: http://dragonage.bioware.com/awakening/world/creature/disciples/

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