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Frayed Knights - Resting, Sleeping, Fatigue, and Exhaustion

by Dhruin, 2010-03-04 20:14:07

The headline of Resting, Sleeping, Fatigue, and Exhaustion may well apply to developer Jay Barnson but this update is actually about fatigue in the adventuring party:

Adventurers lead strenuous lives. When they are slinging spells and swinging swords in life-or-death conflicts, or traversing treacherous trap-filled, uh, territories.... they are traveling great distances, hunting quest threads, and performing conversational acrobatics. All while lugging around more equipment and loot than any human could really be expected to carry. It's an exhausting career choice!

So unlike certain other, newer RPGs, the heroes of Frayed Knights are not going to be able to go all day without taking a breather or getting some well-deserved shut-eye. Well, probably not. Unless you blow all your silver on Liquid Nap potions. But that's another story.

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