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RPGWatch Feature: NWN Premium Modules Retrospective

by Dhruin, 2010-03-05 07:56:33

From time to time we plan to re-use some old material, both as a form of retrospective and as a sort of historical record.  We don't have a grand plan (at this stage) but many of you probably realise we lost many years of work with our previous site.  Our first such retrospective sees Mike Anderson review the Premium Module content for NWN, with some small updates added in.

Darkness over Daggerford

This was planned as a Premium module, but was cancelled when Atari pulled the plug on that program. Ossian studios continued on and released the module in August for free. And thank goodness they did - the game offers tremendous gameplay as well as innovations that make it hard to believe this is just a module.

From the start it is clear that things are different in this module - there is an overworld map and unfolding story reminiscent of Baldur's Gate 2. The ability to gain a stronghold is another thing that makes this feel like that classic game. There is a love for the D&D world and gaming universe heaped on this module that adds to the fun without feeling forced - for example, in one quest, you find a floating skull who was from a different plane ... a place of Torment. Add to this a solid story and quest that unfolds gradually as you open areas on the map and you have a feel for the excellence of the module. Many newer modules are stricter about enforcing your alignment, and this is no exception. You get small rewards or deductions to your alignment as always, but also small bits of experience as a bonus.

Read it all here.

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