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DA: The Awakening - Hands on Preview @ IGN

by Aries100, 2010-03-06 15:06:28

IGN has a preview of their hands-on experience with Dragon Age: Awakening - the expansion to the original game, which will be out on March 16th 2010. The preview focuses on how you can develop your player character in Awakenings, regardless of whether you import your avatar from the OC or not. Apparently, rogues can now become Shadows or pursue a more combat-like career:

Rogues are given the chance to shift more towards warrior-style combat by becoming Legionnaire Scouts, which should be familiar to those who remember the lengthy stay in Orzammar. Alternatively, rogues can push even further down the rogue path by training as Shadows. Shadow rogues are excellent assassins, laying ambushes for their enemies and using decoys and hallucinogens for concealmement.

Source: IGN

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