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Interplay - Legal Drama with Bethesda Continues

by Aries100, 2010-03-06 16:20:46

Interplay and Bethesda's legal battle continues. Duck and Cover has the full story on this as they have acquired the latest court document pertaining to this case. Apparently, Interplay now wants Bethesda to pay Interplay's legal fees:

The document itself is 23 pages long, and I've gone through and highlighted the most relevant and interesting points. From what Interplay says, it seems that Bethesda opposed Interplay's first motion for court fee reimbursement, arguing basically the same things which the court struck down in the Preliminary Injunction hearing. For example, Bethesda said that Interplay did not deserve the fees because "Interplay had not secured any kind of financing for the [Fallout] MMOG...within the required two year period and its license automatically terminated." Interplay argues that not only had they already presented evidence of a financing arrangement that was made within the timeframe, but that the entire argument is without merit in this motion for attorneys' fees:

"In any event, Interplay's Motion is unrelated to Interplay's financing for the MMOG or Interplay's financial circumstances. The Motion is based solely on Interplay's successful defense of Bethesda's PI [Preliminary Injunction] Motion."

Source: RPG Codex

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