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Din's Curse - Beta Patch 0.908

by Aries100, 2010-03-07 18:00:07

Soldak Entertainment has released another beta pacth update to their Din's Curse game. The beta patch will then be version .0908 - here's the notes:

• added to credits
• fixed level 1 scree showing up in higher levels (Gorgarax)
• fixed throw cursor on Mac
• fixed keys, flaming oil, and ice bombs not spawning correctly at higher levels (Kruztee)
• added a quest from the vendor (essentially a bet)
• now experience is last part of quest reward so that other level related rewards behave a bit better
• monsters will no longer attack traps on the ground because they hurt them (FloodSpectre/Wantonius)
• changed Next Enemy key name to Next Enemy in Melee Range (Howler)
• shift left clicking on a stackable item now splits 1 item from the stack (Howler)
• now auto pick up money if no other players in game
• fixed serrated arrow deep wounds chance (Caal)
• fixed a couple more places where delivery/retrieve wording didn't match correctly (Cadfan)
• difficulty level is now reset when you enter setup world screen (timeh)
• now check if npcs are petrified for fail condition (tkirby2003)
• updated Staying Alive/Death in manual
• better explained using skills in help/manual
• added Inventory Screen help topic
• fixed SwitchTo2ndWeaponSet / SwitchTo1stWeaponSet
• now color code weapon set I & II with green and red depending on if
• you have a weapon equipped or not
• if enter dungeon with no weapon now warn player
• fixed a double plural issue in one find quest (FloodSpectre)
• should now get credit for kills when you break a poison barrel and it kills a monster (FloodSpectre)
• fixed CastTime
• curses now have an area of effect centered at mouse (cthonic)
• decreased curses duration from 30.0 to 20.0
• fixed a skill/animation timing issue that is more noticable on skills like zeal (Gutsman)
• now reaction skills like riposte will work on auto target (Nemhir)
• now magic critical hits count in combat reaction stuff (Nemhir)
• the noise range on pain is longer related to victim's aggression range
• now thief's Concentration: Poison skill boosts archer's poison arrow skill (FloodSpectre)
• now show chance to pick lock on lock pick skill (FloodSpectre)
• got rid of File/Edit menus on Mac OS bar (Amberjoy)
• picking a lock now gives you an extra chance to disarm any potential traps also
• completely reworked stored lightning skill (Gutsman)
• fixed a or an issue with untranslated text (icekrystal10)
• fixed some spells like ShockWave checking if can see mouse position when it shouldn't
• increased alcohol, acid, and magma AddAdditionalChance
• increased alcohol, acid, and ice spread chances
• now spiders can spawn webs just as obstacles for enemies (getter77)
• now can choose slow pace, normal, or fast pace on new world (Lyranaar/derailed)
• increased level up volume some (Lyranaar)
• reworded location for some quests to One Possible Location (Archon)
• now get a health bar for person you are escorting (Ephemera/Flailsnail)
• can now switch master server zones without leaving game (Twotricks)
• increased most set bonuses

Source: GameBanshee

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