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Obsidian Entertainment - Writing Principles

by Dhruin, 2010-03-08 20:03:17

J.E. Sawyer has written a blog on the Obsidian forums titled High Level Writing Principles and helpfully filed under the category "dachsund grooming tips".  Here's the intro:

At work, we have a lot of rules for how to write. These range from punctuation (single-spacing after terminal punctuation) to spelling ("all right" vs. "alright") to structural (where a "goodbye" response should be relative to a "start combat" response and where that should be relative to a "friendly" response). Every project has a document (or documents) on the specific guidelines for that project. In spite of all the details, there are certain high-level principles that tend to be common. Okay, maybe it's just in my mind, but here are principles that I believe are important for writing player-driven dialogue in choice-heavy RPGs.

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