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RPGWatch Feature: Din's Curse Preview

by Dhruin, 2010-03-08 20:14:56

Depths of Peril is both one of my favourite indie games and one of the best hack'n'slash action/RPGs I've played.  Soldak's third game - Din's Curse - is just around the corner and I've been fiddling with the beta.  Here's a snip from the preview:

I spent a fair bit of my time playing a Rogue and then a Conjurer – and the gameplay was quite different. As a Rogue, I used Sneak to move around and explore (finding the gates and stairs on each level is important) and pick off trailing mobs to thin the herd, all without being seen. As a Conjurer, I used a variety of interesting summons and necromantic abilities, such as changing into a Lich and raising skeletons. Finally, I mixed a Thief (one of the Rogue Specialities) and a Fire Mage (Wizard); this was all sorts of chaotic fun – sneak into the middle of a group of mobs and then unleash fiery Armageddon.

Read it all here.

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