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Puzzle Quest 2 - GDC Roundup

by Dhruin, 2010-03-11 20:05:23

Omega sent in a bunch of Puzzle Quest 2 links mostly related to GDC, so I'm going to collect them here.

...and a quote from IGN:

While the puzzle battles are pretty familiar, moving about the game world is completely different. Gone is the world map with various towns and caves to visit. Puzzle Quest 2 takes place entirely in the town of Verloren and the dungeon below it. This is more of a dungeon-diving game and most of your quests and side quests will lead you into the depths underneath the village. Like the first game, you can take on multiple quests at once and keep track of them all in your journal. Eventually you'll reach warp points that will allow you to jump to previously explored areas of the dungeon. And there is always the opportunity to just run around killing monsters if you want to do some grinding. Unlike the original PQ, purple gems don't provide experience. They now provide mana and experience is awarded at the end of battle.

You also have a much closer view of the world this time around, due to the camera being zoomed into your characters. You'll be able to walk right up to individuals and engage in conversation while some light voice acting lends the NPCs personality.

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