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DA: The Awakening - Architect and Knotwood Hills

by Dhruin, 2010-03-11 20:09:40

With days left before the expansion hits, BioWare has given fansite Greywardens.com a couple of reveals for Awakening.  First, they have a page on The Architect:

The Architect is the first darkspawn to develop a will of his own–an unusual outcast who seems not to be subject to the call of the Old Gods, nor to the other darkspawn compulsions.

But although he is highly intelligent, the Architect has little understanding of humanity. Treating him as anything other than what he is–a darkspawn–would be folly.

...and Knotwood Hills:

To the west of Amaranthine is an area they call the Knotwood Hills, so named because of the dead, gnarled trees that dominate the landscape. For reasons undiscovered, the hills are inhospitable and barren, in striking contrast to the fertile farmland of the rest of the arling of Amaranthine.

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