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Alpha Protocol - GDC Preview @ G4TV

by Dhruin, 2010-03-11 20:16:11

G4TV recaps Alpha Protocol after seeing a GDC presentation.  A nifty snip:

Our most recent experience with Alpha Protocol showed off the divergent paths one can engage upon in the game.  SEGA's associate producer, Matt Hickman, put it another way, “Where other games talk a lot about multiple endings, we're all about multiple middles.”  As an example, the game was set up on two different stations, each playing out the same scene side-by-side.  In one, our super spy Mike arrives back at his safehouse to find his lady friend resting.  The scene is full of prompts, allowing the player to react in a variety of different ways.  In this demo, he's appreciative, tender and the scene culminates in the two sharing a kiss.  Clearly, he's earned this somehow.  In the other, upon walking inside, Mike's beaten and eventually electrocuted into submission by the same woman, in reaction to some heinous acts he must have committed along the way.  There's no opportunity to interact with the scene; it's merely a byproduct of a past sin.

Thanks, Omega.

Meanwhile, VG247 has some brief and not very informative comments from a Sega rep on the improvements over the delay:

If you’d seen it before, the visuals and the gameplay were rock solid back then. We used the time to do a lot of under-the-hood stuff and tweaking, things that you wouldn’t notice unless you’d played it in terms of polish.

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