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DA: The Awakening - Interview @ GameSpot

by Dhruin, 2010-03-12 19:52:04

Ferret Baudoin chats with GameSpot about "High-Level Abilities, Characters, Items, and Story" from Awakening:

GS: What do these new skills and professions add to the game? Were there some gaps or interesting opportunities in the original Dragon Age that these high-level classes and abilities fill in?

FB: In Origins, mages were very potent forces on the battlefield. Many folks found that a three-mage party was one of the most powerful combinations out there. So while mages certainly have been given some neat new spells, we spent extra time on rogues and warriors to make them more valuable additions to your party.

It's really paid off. Archers have received a significant boost to their damage-dealing capabilities. Dual-wielding rogues are simply murderous when their weapons are fully slotted with runes (especially if a friendly mage adds a "flame weapons" spell to the mix). And a fully decked-out warrior can wade into the thick of any fray and hold the line until the party annihilates the opposition.

The result is better balance between the classes and their roles. A lot more party combinations are fun and entertaining.

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