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A Farewell to Dragons - Review @ SquareGo

by Magerette, 2010-03-14 17:49:09

Reviews for A Farewell to Dragons are still rather scarce, but SquareGo adds one to the list with an over-all score of 3/5:

As with most Action RPGs A Farewell to Dragons focuses on combat and this is unfortunately where the game suffers.  Fights boil down to doing damage to an enemy and healing comrades.  There is little variety in the battles and even after playing for a considerable number of hours it can feel unintuitive when choosing targets for spells...

Overall A Farewell to Dragons is a nice, story based adventure which suffers from a lack of ambition in the fun aspect of the game.  Whilst the exceptionally interesting world and fascinating plot help drive the experience forwards, the badly designed combat system slows you down too often for this to be remembered as a classic.

Source: N4G

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