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Two Worlds II - Preview @ ITW

by Dhruin, 2010-03-17 07:51:01

Dilan sends word of this Two Worlds II preview at fansite Inside Two Worlds from last week and based on a visit to Zuxxez' offices.  Here's a snip about quests, which is welcome (minor spoiliers):

Here is a small teaser for quests (Possible Spoiler Alert):
In Hatmandor the player has to stop a criminal syndicate and has to deal with the crime lord Mirage. The hero meets the cute waitress Reesa, who’s in fact the daughter of the ex crime lord of Hatmandor. Her family was brutally slaughtered by Mirage. If the hero decides to help Reesa to take revenge, you may find yourself in a romantic love story.
In New Ashos the hero is able to enter the death zone of the “Swallows”, he can bring down a popular professor who harasses and abuses his female students. Also you can start a scientific career at the University of New Ashos and hold a lecture over Werbeasts. Before you do that you actually have to do some research.

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