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Spellbound - Ravensdale RPG Revealed

by Dhruin, 2010-03-18 19:40:37

Here's an interesting one.  A GDC presentation by Trinigy's Dag Frommhold has revealed a new RPG in the works at Spellbound.  Trinigy is the developer of the Vision 8 Engine used by Spellbound to make Arcania: A Gothic Tale and, also, the new Ravensdale.  A video of his 38 minute presentation sees Frommhold fire up a demo of Ravensdale, revealing a 3rd-person RPG with very nice art.  The game is described as "sort of steampunk" and we see a gameworld that melds fantasy and steampunk elements, such as an ogre-like creature wearing a big machine on his back.  The Ravensdale part starts at 10:00 and is well worth a look.

edit: For a complete picture please read the updated newsbit too.

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