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Puzzle Quest 2 - Preview, Screens, Trailer

by Dhruin, 2010-03-19 11:07:17

Omega sends over this new preview of Puzzle Quest 2 from 1Up:

For the actual "puzzle" parts of PQ2, there are a few significant changes. Basically, it's the same match-three setup, with skulls used for attacking your opponents when three or more of those match. But this time, the purple gems are regular magic-giving orbs now, and don't contain experience points -- XP is now naturally earned after winning battles. A variety of supporting spells return, and to help those along is a new purpose for weapons and armor: abilities. By matching and clearing action point gems (shaped like gauntlets), you raise points that correspond to abilities offered by equipment -- which admittedly do very similar things as spells do (like instantly attacking opponents, or buffing you from receiving too much harm), but provide a nice "reserve" of added help should you need it. Loot is also in abundance, which can be sold to earn money for new equipment, or to upgrade existing gear.

....and screens and a trailer at Frisky Mongoose.  Nice name.

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