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Puzzle Quest 2 - New Website, Preview

by Dhruin, 2010-03-24 20:07:32

Two Puzzle Quest 2 bits.  First, an all-new website has been launched and, second, Silicon Era has a preview that was spotted by Omega.  Here's a snip:

While the psuedo-dungeons are a nice addition, Puzzle Quest 2 is very much Puzzle Quest, but not Puzzle Quest: Galactrix. The Bejeweled-style match three puzzle board returns with an extra type of mana and gauntlets. Match gauntlets to active your character’s weapons, which act like equipable special attacks. Compared to the original, Puzzle Quest 2 has more customization options. You can outfit your hero assigned to one of four selectable classes (assassin, barbarian, sorcerer, and templar) with a sword, shield, and multiple types of armor.

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