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DA: Awakening - Review Roundup #2

by Dhruin, 2010-03-26 20:20:39

We're past due for another Dragon Age: Awakening review collection, so here's a short one to warm up.

Associated Content (catchy name) asks Is Dragon Age: Awakening a Worth [sic] Expansion to an Epic RPG?  Yes, they say:

Unfortunately, you won't get nearly as much gameplay as you did in the original Dragon Age: Origins. However, looking at the game on it's own, it is very enjoyable and is definitely worth your money. With more additions all around, and only a tiny hit on the story, Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening is a well-polished and great expansion.

Playing with Words, on the other hand, is so conflicted they decide to avoid a conclusion.  Here's part of their criticism:

Awakening is so easy it hurts. I imported my level 23 rogue and set the difficult to Hard and never once saw the Game Over screen. Hell, the only time a party member died was when I got complacent and didn't heal anyone, or when a boss cheaply one-shotted them. On the other hand, with the new talents that are available from the get-go, I could one-shot epic Rage Demons and friggin' Golems, while also tanking 3-4 enemies on my rogue. Enemies just don't do any damage anymore.

Thanks to Omega for those two.  Let's list a handful more.

  • GameArena scores 7/10, saying Awakening "adds nothing", though if you enjoyed Origins, "it won't disappoint".
  • GameCritics expected "more meat on the bones for $40", quoting the length at 16 hours.
  • Game Revolution says "in its quest to negotiate a middle ground between a lengthy side mission and a full-on sequel, it hits and misses".  Score - 'B'.

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