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Anarchy Online: Dev Blog @ 1UP

by Inauro, 2006-08-12 01:16:00
Anarchy Online quest designer Yngvild Lothe has updated his blog at 1UP.
And so the summer holiday is over for this year, leaving me with some tan, some mosquito bites and all the energy needed to get going on the quest designs. =)

We're currently filling Scheol with lots of story pieces that I hope our players will appreciate. It's so much fun writing these quests, and I hope the result will be something fun to do in this area that hasn't been used to its full potential yet.

We also got to see the new locations for our upcoming expansion, Lost Eden, up and running in full in the game engine. The art and effect guys have done a wonderful job on the new battlestations and space enviornment. I'm always a little amazed just how good they get an older engine like the one we use in Anarchy Online to look.
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