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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Previews @ 1Up, GameDaily

by Dhruin, 2010-03-29 08:09:36

Here are a couple of Deus Ex: Human Revolution previews from GDC.  First, 1Up has comments from Art Director Jonathan Jacques-Belletete about "nonlethal walkthroughs, robots, and secret real-world islands":

In a quick chat with DE: HR art director Jonathan Jacques-Belletete, when asked if one could finish the game without killing anybody (the actual form of the question, for context, was, "does [DE: HR protagonist] Adam Jensen believe in nonlethal takedowns?"), he answered, "Adam doesn't believe in nonlethal methods if the player doesn't believe in nonlethal methods. But if the player believes in not killing anybody, then you can finish the game without killing anybody. It's just like the first one -- except that we have the boss fights."

Thanks to Omega for that one.  Here's one from GameDaily, via Bluesnews:

If there's anything that thrusts the game forward, it's the augmentation system. Here, you'll be able to use alterations to help you move on in the story, fighting against enemies (or, in some cases, passing them by) and changing things as you go. There are four types in all: Combat, Stealth, Technology and Social. How you use these augmentations is completely up to you, and they can totally change how you play the game. You'd be surprised how quickly you change from angry mercenary to non-combative strategist with only a few variations. The camera perspective can also shift from the traditional first to third-person, depending on what you're using at the time.

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