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Alpha Protocol - Interview @ GGtL

by Dhruin, 2010-04-02 21:08:29

Matthew Rorie and Chris Avellone answer the questions for this interview at Gamers Guide to Life on Alpha Protocol.  A sample:

How open and expansive will these mission maps be? Will there be many different routes of access, or destructible environments?
MR: This will depend on the mission - most are intended to be freeform, with a variety of paths through them for you to take, which we usually use to reinforce the type of character that you've created. For example, in our train station level, do you want to stick to the walkways above a firefight and attempt to sneak by the gangs that are shooting at each other, or get down to the killing floor and participate in the bloodbath? Do you want to sneak into the embassy via the side entrance, or persuade/kill the guards at the door and bust in that way?

As far as destructible environments go, it hasn't been a huge focus for our game, but we do use them in a few places to amp up the action.

Spotted by Omega.  While we're at it, Alpha Protocol can now be preordered (or re-preordered, because I did mine about 6 months ago) at Steam, with a bonus Space Siege thrown in.

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