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Two Worlds II - Antaloor Post # 18

by Aries100, 2010-04-09 19:15:03

The 18th post at the Antoloor Newsletter is now available. Topics covered are a revised combat system, regions of Southern Antoloor, the economic system and much much more.
Here's a snip about the new combat system:

RP has added even more realism too – now you can only parry the blow of an opponent who is facing you, so you’ll have to watch out for guys (or gals) sneaking up behind you! There are four basic types of attack, and they form the basis of the combat system. You have the standard swinging attack with the left mouse click, you can jump into the fray with a powerful Leaping Attack, give yourself room to kill with the All-Round Strike and gain the respect of your opponents fast with a Push Attack.

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