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Alpha Protocol - Preview and Interviews

by Dhruin, 2010-04-12 20:53:58

Obsidian is pointing out a couple of Alpha Protocol articles with an audio interview with Sega's Matt Hickman at Xbox Audio and a stream-of-thought PAX preview at SideQuesting:

There is no protocol for the way you conduct yourself in Alpha Protocol.  There is no definite right and wrong way to play through the game.  Since having a poor reputation with someone is not always a bad thing, we can piss off in-game characters without having to worry about our paragon character being tagged with renegade points.  The missions that you will have available to you will depend on your reputation with different characters.  Missions open up and close depending on the state of these relationships.  The  Obsidian developers said that there’s a lot of gray in the espionage world, and that’s what you will see in Alpha Protocol.  There is no “good” option or “bad” option; there is no morality.

There are more than two paths to walk in Alpha Protocol.  You’ll have to play through the game at least three times to see everything.  Unlike Mass Effect, there aren’t two main paths to walk and things aren’t outlined in terms of red and blue.  You’ll have to react since you’ll sometimes have a limited time to make choices.  You’ll feel it out and go with your gut feeling on these decisions.

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