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Alpha Protocol - Preview, Video Interview

by Dhruin, 2010-04-13 12:32:47

Omega points out another couple of Alpha Protocol articles.  Gamereactor TV has a video interview with Sega's Matt Hickman, set to familiar footage in the background.  Meanwhile, Play.tm has a preview; here's a snip on the combat:

Last but not least is the actual combat system itself. We got our hands on a stealth  mission where Michael was infiltrating what looked like a casino. There were alarms that could be triggered from the lights above and there was a good amount of stealth play to be enjoyed. We triggered the alarm a few times and some enemies appeared. The shooting feels a little raw, still styled like a third-person action game but the recital in the middle was so large it covered most of the target. Its lucky that the damage doesnt increase or decrease depending on where you shoot them in the body. For a game that focuses on guns and gadgets, youd think Obsidian would have at least included the trusty headshot.

We found it easier to run up to targets and taken them down with some punches and kicks rather than with the guns. As the damage output from the guns is totally reliant on the player constantly upgrading their weapons, we were struggling to take down large swarms of enemies. There is also a selection of skills and moves to utilise during battles. We enjoyed stealth killing enemies by going invisible or by throwing flash-bangs down. You can place mines on pillars or even throw grenades, although the combat system looks pretty diverse from the limited time we had with it.

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